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My first ten icons seriously made in a long time. There's a lot of pictures I have still; so there will be another batch sometime in the near future. I'm pretty happy with a lot of them and kind of okay on the rest of them. Some wanky things I wanna try still; and probably some other things. Only one is a variation of another.

As always:

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    New Layout: Resurrection

    It's been some months since I got Medea (my new computer). And I've finally gotten back into something of a groove with Photoshop again and will begin making some new icons and goods for you guys to look at.

    In the meantime, I have created a new layout (with much fussing with the CSS code, generously provided by thefulcrum. It's her template, but I've kind of bastardized it beyond real recognition. Anyway, there's a new layout, please tell me what you guys think of it.

    It reminds me that I should study LJ CSS a little more.

    H'okay! I'll probably post with a bunch of Bleach Icons - cus, seriously, Hirako Shinji is endless amounts of Magnificent Bastard fun.

    ((no one saw that)) 

    P. 11 - Battlestar Galactica, Last Supper

    Not the member's request yet, but I saw the Last Supper Image for Sci-Fi Channel's Battlestar Galactica and absolutely needed to make a bunch of icons. These are relatively simple wanting to do a bunch of wanky colorization and cropping rather than ornate decoration. I'll probably do something more -- decorative later. BUT, I like simple so there.

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    Member Request:

    So, as most of you know my poor baby of a Computer my Gateway 675XL died spectacularly last um November. It looks like it's a perma dealie. Basically the computer was too powerful for it's own good, the heat slowly killed the Motherboard. Also, this means that most of my photoshop stuff is gone. But fear not, I suppose I'll start getting things and sticking them on this computer as needed -- and so I need to illicit your help.

    The Point:

    Members of this here Icon Journal I implore you, give me three images that you like a lot. And I'll make a bunch of icons. Got it? Now go.

    Pick My Best Results

    Hey Guys, some of you know that I entered about 25 icons into pickmybest. Here are the results.

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    Thanks for your votes! I'll let you all know when I put something up again.

    P. 10 Isabelle Adjani

    Some of these, I made for my friend lareineathenais. But there's enough generics here that you could come by and yoink. As always

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    P. 9 Lust Caution by Ang Lee

    Icons for the movie Lust, Caution. There's 19 of them, and for some reason all they really wanted was an adjust of color and cropping. There's some I did some artsy fartsy ness to (see my default) but some just needed a richer color pallet. Some I like, some I don't care for but I won't tell you guys that. Enjoy. And go see the movie, despite the NC-17 rating it's going to get.

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    P. 8 Demon Barbers

    So, in anticipation of the new Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Helena Boehnam - Carter musical cum film Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, I've made some icons.


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    A new profile image

    Made a new Profile over here lemme know what you think.

    I think, I will pounce when people aren't thinking and offer a couple people the chance of having a nice profile layout of their own. Keep on the lookout for that.

    How easy it is to be dishonorable...

    I got some Legend of the Five Rings icons to share today. These are the last of the current crop of cards I have on my hard-drive.In this batch we have some Dragon, Phoenix, Mantis, Lion, Spider and Unicorn.

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